Changes happen without you noticing. You don't see little differences here and there, but once you realize things have changed, it can surprise you. That's how I feel at the end of week 3 at Thrive Gym in Coralville.

When I started just three weeks ago, I was right at 200 lbs, and could barely get through a whole workout without getting a little woozy. Now, I'm doing more exercises, adding more weight to build my strength, and I'm pushing myself to go further. I can't tell you how good I feel, and how excited I am to stay on this journey to a better body.

If you want to live in a better you, check out everything Thrive has to offer during their Open House on January 27th.

According to the Facebook Event Page:

Thrive Gym is super excited to host our first open house! We just opened at a new and improved location and welcome anyone and everyone ready to reclaim their energy and zest for life! So get pumped for a morning filled of fun!

  • Get 25% off your first month of membership when you sign up at this event!
  • 9am free bootcamp with DJ Mudu spinning live music! Bring your family & friends!
  • Complimentry breakfast food, smoothies, & coffee will be provided after the 9am bootcamp.


Check out Thrive Gym today!

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