Greetings! KRNA afternoon workforce host Tom E. Gunn here. I recently made a promise to myself to get into better shape. As I get older, I find it's a little harder to keep the pounds from collecting around my middle section and, frankly, I was getting worried about my health. A couple of months ago, I went to the doctor for a checkup, fully expecting them to tell me I was knocking on death's door and I should go ahead and start making final preparations now. Luckily, all the doctor told me was that my BP and cholesterol was a little elevated, but that was nothing that a few more vegetables in my diet and a little exercise couldn't cure. Easy is the first...not so much the second.

I just wasn't ready to join a gym. Trying to learn how to exercise properly beside a bunch of muscleheads bench pressing buses was not my idea of a good time. Thank goodness I found Thrive Gym in Coralville!

Talk about a beautiful and inviting place to get into shape! To start, the staff is extremely helpful. Bruce showed me how to do each exercise on the "Starter" workout so that I would do them correctly without hurting myself. They have private bathrooms with showers, child care, and even a smoothie bar in the lobby (If you tell them that Tom E. Gunn from KRNA sent you, they'll give you a free one).

This is just my first week, so I don't have any real "results" to show you yet, but I can tell you that with each time I go, the workout gets a little easier, and I get a little more motivated to push myself further and further.

Whether you're like me and haven't set foot on a treadmill in a decade and a half, or if you lead an active lifestyle and just want to do your favorite activities with a little more ease, check out Thrive Gym today!

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