Making assumptions about a group of people is usually wrong, but not in this case. I have had something happen to me on more than one occasion, and now, it's become sort of a game for me to see what reaction I can get out of people. Let me set up the scenario.

At least a half dozen times now, someone has offered me some sort of food, and the following conversation has happened nearly word-for-word every time:

Them: Would you like to try some of this?
Me: Absolutely!
Them: Be's spicy.
Me: I'm from Louisiana.
Them: Oh...never mind.

And with that, I realize that the Midwest thinks that ALL people from Louisiana eat actual fire. They could be offering me a bowl of flaming kerosene, and with the revelation of where I was born, they would then back up the offer with some Tabasco and perhaps a white hot branding iron.

I just want to say, Iowa...I appreciate the fact that you recognize that your idea of spicy is my idea of not at all spicy. Don't get me wrong...there are a couple places that I've found that spicy is, in fact hot, but to be honest, it's mostly Asian and Indian cuisine. I'm here to tell you, if you think Cajuns like it hot, order anything from a Thai place "extra spicy," then call me when the swelling goes down.

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