I have, what one would say, an obsessive attention to detail. It's not a bad quality to have, especially when you work in any artistic field (yes...believe it or not...what I do for a living is considered "art"). That attention to detail, however, sometimes causes me to have a small fit when I see something that is out of place.

Take for example this parking structure beside our building in Cedar Rapids:

Tom E. Gunn
Tom E. Gunn

Pretty normal, right?

Look at the painted guard posts. Notice they are all painted different primary colors of the rainbow. But do know what makes my eye twitch? They are NOT in the right order! Weren't we all taught ROY-G-BIV in, like, the second grade? I'm not gonna go into the fact that it should have started with red at the top and worked its way to the ground in the correct order, I'll give them that...but to put yellow before orange in direct violation of ROY...it upsets my design sensibilities. What did ROY ever do to Park Cedar Rapids?

They didn't even use all of the colors of the spectrum (go to Lowe's and try to order indigo...I dare you), so there were decisions made as to what colors to paint and where...the rest of the order is fine...why was yellow before orange?

The very fact that I ask these questions may point to other issues I have...but let's just focus on ROY for now.

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