Even for some of the most practiced actors and audience members, Shakespeare can be a little daunting. It's old, wordy, and hard to follow. What would make the bard a little easier to swallow? Booze, of course!

Open Arenas Productions in conjunction with the Mount Vernon Lisbon Community Theatre Presents "DRUNK SHAKESPEARE: Much Ado About Nothing" August 4th and 5th at 7:30 PM at The Mount Vernon First Street Community Center (221 1st St E, Mount Vernon, Iowa 52314).

Do you like Shakespeare, but think it's too long and confusing? Never fear, Drunk Shakespeare is here to the rescue. Watch this 80 minute, heavily improv'd, hilarious interpretation of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. 20 Parts, Five Actors - all drunk.

Staggering...er...performing in the show will be Zak Moran, Brandon Douglas, Stephen Gruber Miller, Hannah Rublaitus, and Grant Freeman.

The price of admission is a donation at the door, and beer and wine is BYOB for audience members as long as they have either a MVLCT or First Street building Cup.

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