We took a bit of grief over our last short list of Cedar Rapids dive bars, and it's easy to understand why. Being labeled a dive bar is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, its a badge of honor in Iowa.

But some misunderstood. They thought we were being disrespectful. Odd, because others were pissed that they were left off the list!

So here are five more places to hunker down in Cedar Rapids during this weekend's snowstorm. Call them what you will - dive bar, juke-joint, hole-in-the-wall, whatever....

...if you got cold beer, a TV and jukebox, maybe some hot food, you can ride the storm out in one of the neighborhood taverns where no one worries about the bad weather.

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    Miguel's Bar & Grill

    175 Jacolyn Dr. NW Cedar Rapids

    If you need a place to escape the blizzard, Miguel's customers say they have great music and great pizza. Their tenderloin looks delicious, too. But along with bar food favorites if you have affordable drinks and a few good friends, you're good to go.

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    Break Room

    3108 1st Ave. NE Cedar Rapids

    The Break Room is described as a friendly, clean and inviting neighborhood bar. They have pool tables, darts and karaoke. Got cabin fever? Break Room is gonna cure it!

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    Just Jules

    835 Center Point Rd. NE Cedar Rapids

    This cozy little pub has been a neighborhood favorite for years. Customers love their Tuesday drink specials, great food, Friday pool tournaments and live entertainment. Just perfect.

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    JW's Pub and Grub

    58 Miller Ave. SW Cedar Rapids

    You know what they say about JW....If he ain't grillin', he's chillin' - in fact they're known for great burgers and pizza. And of course, the cold adult beverages make JW's a nice place to land for good times.

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    Playtime Tap

    933 14th Ave. SW Cedar Rapids

    Fans say Playtime Tap is the perfect dive bar - cash only, no food, just drinks, pool and jukebox. It's the closest thing to being in your basement. the perfect place to hunker down in a snowstorm.