Onboard the Summer of '99 festival cruise, the Creed have performed their second reunion show, changing up the setlist a bit from their April 18 kickoff.

The first performance found the band hitting the stage in the late afternoon sun, right as the cruise ship set sail for the Bahamas. It was a remarkable return with the band looking and sounding great, beaming with joy and feeding off the energy that had been building in recent years as Creed became a viral sensation.

While fans were treated to many of the same big time hits that were played a couple days ago, Creed delivered a handful of fresh tracks as well, diving deeper into their relatively slim but strong catalog.

The songs that were newly added to the set were "Beautiful," "Pity For a Dime" and "Inside Us All." To make room for these tracks, "Weathered, "Overcome" and "One," which were in the first reunion show set, were dropped.

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In life, we often hear old friends say that even though they may not have spoken or seen each other in years, they pick up right where they left off and the same holds true for Creed onstage. With this second show, both the band and the cruise passengers appeared to feel more at home and the confidence of this set is proof. Gone are the first-show jitters and the nervous anticipation of the crowd and the momentum will only continue to shoot upward.

In a chat with The Power Hour yesterday (April 19), Mark Tremonti revealed that Creed expect to switch up the sets nightly on their forthcoming summer and late fall tours, offering fans variety and something a bit more unique at each gig.

See the setlist from Creed's first two 2024 reunion shows directly below.

Creed Setlist — April 20, 2024

01. "Bullets"
02. "What If"
03. "Beautiful"
04. "Torn"
05. "My Own Prison"
06. "Pity for a Dime"
07. "Are You Ready?"
08. "Never Die"
09. "Faceless Man"
10. "Say I"
11. "Inside Us All"
12. "Rain"
13. "What's This Life For"
14. "One Last Breath"
15. "My Sacrifice"
16. "With Arms Wide Open"
17. "Higher"

Creed Setlist — April 18, 2024

01. "Are You Ready"
02. "Bullets"
03. "Torn"
04. "My Own Prison"
05. "What If"
06. "Never Die"
07. "Say I"
08. "Weathered"
09. "Overcome"
10. "Faceless Man"
11. "One"
12. "What's This Life For"
13. "With Arms Wide Open"
14. "Higher"
15. "One Last Breath"
16. "My Sacrifice"

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