It's no surprise, I like to have a few beers. Everyone has their favorite hangout.  Some establishments are a little grittier then others. Local taverns, corner bars and out of the way joints have a special charm, that I affectionately call, "dive bars."

It's a compliment, not a cut down of these watering holes.  The places where the bartender usually has a white rag hanging from his or her back pocket. The bar features not only your favorite drink, but usually features a turkey gizzard or pickled egg behind the bar.

Here are my TOP 3 best dive bars in Cedar Rapids:

BuzzFeed via YouTube
BuzzFeed via YouTube

Cheap drinks, best frozen pizza in town, friendly, earthy people, bar opens early in the AM for the hard core drinkers - and, or course, CASH ONLY.

Great pool table, loud juke box that plays plenty of hillbilly country, a lottery ticket machine, mini pitchers of beer, and the same daytime bartender for the past  20 + years.

Great family history of ownership, once held a weekly high stakes poker game, low lighting, a shuffleboard game, and really strong drinks.

These are my top three dive bars in the City of Five.  If you are serious about getting your drink on, these three places don't mess around.

Comment below if you have a favorite dive bar in Cedar Rapids. And join me as we discuss our secret hideaways on the 'Shut Up and ROCK' morning show on 94.1 KRNA!

I'm Jaymz Larson and all this writing has made me thirsty - I'm gonna go find a lounge......

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