Ahh roundabouts! Sometimes called "traffic circles", often called "mother *f*****g roundabouts". I guess it depends on the driver. Personally, I love them. I think they're efficient, and I think they move traffic on most roads way smoother than a stoplight or stop sign.

There is a correct way to use a roundabout, Iowa

I guess when it comes to showing overt love for the venerable roundabout I may be in the minority. They have been part of traffic control in various parts of the world for decades, but they are still fairly new to the U.S.

Before we get into the "how to" of Iowa roundabouts, if you've ever wondered why they keep popping up, the Iowa government's official roundabouts page states that, besides fewer crashes, they also cut back on fuel consumption, air pollution, and construction and maintenance costs. With no electricity from a stoplight, there is a huge savings to consider. Also, they're aesthetically more pleasing than an ugly ol' intersection.

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So, do you know how to maneuver a roundabout in Iowa properly? It's difficult enough that there's a how-to video the state put out to attempt to quell roundabout confusion. See if you'd pass the test on how to handle them.

In case it isn't obvious, yes, you're supposed to use a turn signal when turning in a roundabout.

To make things more simple, the correct order of roundabout driving is:

  1. Select Your Lane
  2. Yield to Oncoming Traffic
  3. Watch For Pedestrians/Bikers
  4. Signal Your Exit (Unless Going Straight)
  5. Do Not Speed As You Drive Through the Roundabout

Seems pretty simple. Maybe it's not for everyone, but hopefully it is for you. Good luck out there!

Since you are now highly educated on roundabout rules, do you want to push your luck and take a swing at Iowa's driver's exam? You got this!

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