Many of us stock up on emergency supplies during a snowstorm. Some of the most common items are milk, bread and eggs. But there is a certain percentage of Cedar Rapids citizens who prefer a different, more potent kind of fortification - the kind you can only get at a neighborhood tavern.

In Cedar Rapids, the neighborhood tavern is commonly referred to as a 'dive bar' but that is a term of endearment.

It's a place to hunker down during a winter blast, snow squall, or blizzard for the simple fact that they have warmth, food, water...and most importantly, booze.

Here's a sampling of five hole-in-the-wall neighborhood dive bars in Cedar Rapids that will probably never close in a snowstorm, knowing their loyal customers rely on them for comfort food and shelter from the storm.


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    Lucky's on 16th St.

    86 16th Ave. SW

    Lucky's is one of the dive-bar darlings of Czech Village (along with Dirty Shirley's and Ace's & Eights) that makes a neighborhood proud! It ain't Newbo, it's more "Old-Bo", and we like it like that!

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    The Shack Tavern

    2545 Old River Rd. SW

    Just what you might expect in a Cedar Rapids bar just off the shore of the Cedar River. Locals love it for the simple reason that it's a classic small neighborhood dive bar...and its on the river.

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    Irish Democrat

    3207 1st Ave. SE

    A bit more upscale, and that's more than OK in our book. It still fits the general description of a terrific neighborhood hang out, and regulars give high marks for the menu.

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    Checkers Tavern

    3120 6th St. SW

    Race into Checkers for a fill-up on burgers, fries and other bar food favorites. Be sure to make a pit stop on the way to pick up your friends and enjoy live music too.

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    Mr. B's and Sam's Pizza

    629 2nd Ave. SW

    Talk about a convenient combination, a great corner bar and Chicago-style pizzaria all in one location! Great food, cool tunes, and a cozy little hang out on cold winter nights.