Here at 94.1 KRNA, it may seem like all work on no play... That is a down right LIE! We have a little secret that I am going to let you in on -- It's the KRNA Man Cave! Let's take a quick tour.

1. Pool Table- Oh the hours we have spent not using this beautiful billiard masterpiece. The office is a little too scared to take on me and my unbeatable skills. They call me "Minnesota Fats." It may because I like to eat.

Photo: Jade Peterson

2. Shuffle Board- Let me tell ya, this is a true piece of art. I sometimes stop by just to admire the beauty. I've played it once...I think.

Photo: Eric Stone

3. Pac Man- You all know and love the classic game. But this VINTAGE table will provide endless hours of cussing and gritted teeth. Damn you Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde.


Photo: Jz

4. Coke Machine- What a better way to cool off after a sweaty game of Pac Man than an ice cold Jack & Coke. Top it off with a nice 5 year old Snickers from the snack machine and you're gold.

Photo: Mike Ferris

And last but not least....

5. Massage Chair- Is this why intern Jade doesn't get any work done?

Photo: Jimmy z

While there are many things we could have spent our money on, we love the man cave that we never use. I hope you enjoyed the tour!