On Wednesday March 14, the KRNA Morning Show visited Nolting Manufacturing in Hiawatha to deliver a delicious Mellow Mushroom Workforce Lunch compliments of our sponsor Bergan KDV. 

Nolting builds Longarm Quliting machines and employs about 20 people. Nolting employee Doug Fowler gave Jaymz Larson a tour of the plant while Drew from Mellow Mushroom set up the break room with pizza, sandwiches, salads and dessert for everyone.

In the photo above, "Mitch" from Bergan KDV joined Doug, Jaymz and Drew in the Nolting plant in Hiawatha. Doug is showing us a Longarm Quilting Machine in process of being built.

Doug and Dan, the owner of Nolting Manufacturing, are pictured here with "Mitch" from Bergan KDV accounting. They specialize in tax preparation, audit, payroll and wealth management planning.  We're thinking of you Mitch!

Doug and Jaymz Larson invade the Nolting breakroom to grab a bite to eat with the  crew.

Nolting workers are enjoying the Mellow Mushroom Workforce Lunch, thanks to sponsor Bergan KDV.

Photo: Mike Ferris

Our next delivery will be Wednesday March 28th. Let's meet for lunch!