October 16, 2018: the morning was cold, and the day was long. The very "first" KRNA Stuck in a Truck Food Drive at the Edgewood Hy-Vee was officially underway.

DJ's Jaymz Larson and Curt Burgess were to broadcast from the KRNA Mobile Studio for a 27 hour period. At first the donations were slow, it felt like time was standing still.

By evening the truck was no longer empty. Listeners came and dropped off bags, boxes, shopping carts, and even cars full of food.

KRNA 2018 Food Drive

With the truck already half-filled with non-perishable food for the Linn Community Food Bank, the goal was to pack it to the brim, and deliver by 10:00 a.m. the next morning.

Linn Community Food Bank volunteers were on hand to help unload and stock the goods in the basement of the First Presbyterian Church on 3rd Ave. in Cedar Rapids.

All during the 27 hours on location we felt festive and humbled to be blessed by so many generous listeners and Hy-Vee shoppers who went out of their way to drop off food for the needy.

When we finished unloading it all the next morning our final words to the volunteers were "we'll see you same time, next year!" We will be back in October 2019.

Special thanks to YOU and all our sponsors: Hy-Vee, General Mills, Mellow Mushroom, 319 Motors, and Iowa Beverage.

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