Folks have been intrigued with the covered bridges of Madison County ever since the movie starring Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood was first released. The unsettling story of the Roseman Covered Bridge is enough to drive superstitious people far, far away. But those who thrive on the thrill of the supernatural will likely be drawn closer due to the legend of ghostly voices and visions. Read more about the history of Iowa most famous haunted bridges, and see if it draws you in!

Our radio team documented a visit to the Eastern Iowa bridge near Viola, in the early autumn of 2017. The video shows the KRNA station vehicle being pushed across by unseen forces, as foretold by many who have witnessed similar supernatural experiences at the site of this chilling legend. It was enough to scare Jaymz Larson out of his seat, and at one point, Producer Mike is absolutely spell-bound.


Another haunted bridge in Eastern Iowa with a similar history as the Matsell Bridge is Crybaby Bridge. People sweat that spirits leave behind the telltale fingerprints of small children on the bumpers of cars that are parked in neutral on the level bridge at midnight.  Our sister radio station in the Quad Cities sent a brave young female staffer out to file this You Tube this date she remains officially freaked out by what exactly happened.


Also known as "Rainbow Bridge" in Lake City. The story is told that an unopened chocolate bar left behind on the deserted bridge will remain unopened, however the chocolate bar inside will actually vanish, presumably having been consumed by the ghosts who haunt the bridge at night. And you don't have to wait for Halloween to try it out yourself...if you dare!



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