The spooky season is upon us. Halloween is just a few weeks away and thoughts of monsters, ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night are running through our minds. That includes everybody's favorite Zombie scenario......A FULL BLOWN APOCALYPSE!

I went around the office and asked some of the cool kids what they would choose as their primary and secondary weapon of choice if all hell breaks loose. You never know that government virus could take over the minds and bodies of our loved ones and neighbors. Then what the hell would we do?!

I had never even thought of some of the ideas that were tossed around here at the office. Machetes, chain saws, crow bars, and one person even said a toilet seat with razor blades!

If it were me, I'd say a flame-thrower. Fire is the best defense against Zombies.....right?

What would you pick as your weapon of choice against these soulless flesh eating monsters? Comment below and we can discuss your answers as a group!


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