The Minnesota Twins put on a hitting clinic last night in The Twin Cities. The team recorded 28 hits and scored 20 runs. That's right, 20 runs! The "Twinkies" beat up Seattle by a score of 20-9. As a Twins fan, I couldn't be any happier!

Eduardo Escobar was the star with 5 hits. But let's not leave out Eddie Rosario, he hit three home runs in last night's game. According to, "The Twins were just the fifth team in the last 100 years to have 28 hits, 20 runs, and five home runs in one game."

It's not every day something like this happens. I just wish we could save a few runs for a rainy day...Or maybe donate a few to our football team in Minnesota. I have a feeling the Vikings may need a little extra help this fall.

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