Lock up your daughters..... and your horses. Slap 'N' Tickle are back for another gig in Cedar Rapids!

"The sleaziest band in the Corridor" will rock Tailgator's in C.R. this Saturday. The show USALLY starts around seven, they go on stage around 9, they get on the bus around 11, sippin' a drink and feeling fine. I actually have no idea when they start....sorry.

I interviewed 'Chief-Slapper' Curt Burgess earlier this week. He told me, "We love Gators. The drinks are strong and the staff is great...and hot. Like super hot."

Bass player Jeff Woods told me, "Dude, this is our Whiskey a Go Go! The fans are always crazy. This is our home away from home!" I lost count, but I think this will be the 77th time the band has played the iconic sports bar.

Slap manager Saul Rosenberg isn't as excited for the gig as the rest of the guys. He told me, "Here's the deal, Jimmy. The last gig they played at Gator's we lost money. Their bar tab was double then the bands personal F%^$#% guarantee!"

Tailgator's manager Cale Henderson said, "JZ, I have mixed feelings. They pack the place, but the bar gets destroyed. The bathrooms end up looking like the aftermath of a GWAR show!"

They do know how to party, that for sure! Anyway, the concert is this Saturday. For more information, check out this link.

We tried to get a quote from Gator's owner Bret "Otis" Mitchell, but his assistant told us he was too hung-over to talk....something about a guy named "Hawker" and LOTS of Jagermeister. Let's hope he's better by this weekend.

I almost forgot...I was just kidding about the bobble heads. We call that "click bait" in the industry.

I'll see you at the show!

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