We had a very special guest in the studio on Friday morning. "Slap 'n' Tickle" lead singer Curt Burgess stopped by The KRNA Morning Show. He gave us an update on the "assignment" we game him a few months ago.

His band has the task of writing the theme song for "Shut up and Rock," our new KRNA morning show. I can't wait to hear the song, I hope they finish it soon. The band is way behind schedule. Guys, put the beer down and get this thing done, please.

Curt also gave us an update on the bands touring schedule. They play all over the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area. These guys are weekend warriors. Curt is an exterminator by day, rock star by night. How cool is that? He even brought in his bee keeper mask. I asked to try it on, but he wouldn't let me.

Before he left, we made him play our new game, "Dashboard Karaoke." We could have picked a song by Whitesnake or Def Leppard, but that wouldn't have been any fun!

Enjoy the clip, I hope the song they are recording for The KRNA Morning Show is better then this!


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