The Total Solar Eclipse was a bust for more than just most law-abiding sky gazers. It turns out that an on-the-loose sex offender who had been hiding from officers in Cedar Rapids was also spotted craning his neck skyward...and it backfired on him.

Police say 26 year old Ladarius Blue was spotted outside attempting to view the eclipse and promptly nabbed by cops. Blue has been wanted for not registering as a sex offender, according to the U.S. Marshals Service Northern District of Iowa Office.

According to CBS2 News, police said they tried to approach Blue, but he ran away and led law enforcement on a chase. It was reported that Blue allegedly climbed into a nearby yard waste container to hide, but was later found, cuffed and hauled off to jail.

Turn around bright eyes, you're under arrest. Hope you enjoy the view from your cell.

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