Monday is the day that everyone's talking about, but it will require care. We ALL want to look at Monday afternoon's solar eclipse, but care is an absolute necessity.

Don't think normal sunglasses will protect your eyes because they won't. You actually need solar glasses that have solar filters on them that allow you to look right at the sun. Fox 9 says those special solar glasses remove all but one-tenth of one percent of the rays from the sun that can hurt your eyes. That's 99.9% effective.

Unfortunately, there are fake glasses out there. According to USA Today, there are only 12 companies that make solar glasses that have been given the ok by NASA and the AAS (American Astronomical Society). The glasses all have "ISO" (International Organization for Standardization) on them along with ISO 12312-2.

Don't want to buy glasses but still want to see the eclipse? This one requires you to look down (instead of up) but could be a fun project for the family. The instructions are right HERE.

Even if you're planning to wear protective solar glasses on Monday, you still shouldn't look at the sun for any more than a minute at a time. A solar eclipse really can harm your eyes. Take it seriously and keep your eyes safe. Now, here's to a clear day.


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