The Cedar Amateur Astronomers is a volunteer group in Eastern Iowa devoted to sharing its time and resources with fellow astronomy enthusiasts.

With the solar eclipse coming up on August 21, the group is working on organizing a viewing party for those who want to get together and admire this amazing sight.

The event takes place at the Eastern Iowa Observatory and Learning Center on the 21st from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at 1365 Ivanhoe Rd. in Ely.

With the optimal view of the solar eclipse reaching the Cedar Rapids area just after 1 p.m., they will have telescopes attendees can take turns looking through and special UV-blocking glasses will be passed out as well. These are certified for protection while viewing the eclipse, as looking straight at it will blind you.

Find some time to enjoy this unique event with other like-minded folks and find out more HERE.

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