Trick or treating is one of the most fun things for kids, but can always be worrisome for parents. When I was young, we never thought much about checking over candy prior to gobbling it all down. But in the 70's reports of razor blades wedged into apples and candy laced with poison changed all that.

Today, parents may fear for their kids safety regarding neighboring homes which house registered sex offenders. So this list is offered to help you plan your route, and perhaps skip over any houses that may seem questionable to you.

City Data keeps up-to-date lists of sex offenders, with links to each offender’s page on the Iowa Sex Offender Registry.

DISCLAIMER: City Data is comprised of information from police records. This list is not all inclusive, nor are all offenders considered to be of high risk to the community. Additionally, it’s always possible that the offender no longer lives at that address. If you have any concerns, please check with local law enforcement.


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