It was an eventful weekend for Sixx: A.M. and former Guns N' Roses guitarist DJ Ashba and not for all good reasons. The musician returned to his hometown of Fairbury, Ill. to perform the national anthem at the 29th running of the Prairie Dirt Classic, but also reportedly ran into trouble with the police while in town.

According to TMZ, Ashba was initially pulled over for failure to stop. When police approached the musician, they noticed signs of impairment and gave him a field sobriety test. The guitarist was then reportedly taken in where he was arrested on suspicion of DUI and for failure to stop at a stop sign. Ashba's mug shot can be seen below.

On the positive side, the guitarist was able to attend the Prairie Dirt Classic at the Fairbury American Legion Speedway and perform the National Anthem. "It was so nice to chill back home for a few and reset. Thank you to everyone in my hometown of Fairbury for having me out to perform the National Anthem for ya’ll. It was an honor! Till next time," said Ashba in a social media post on Sunday (July 29).

Last year it was revealed that Sixx: A.M. were taking a break, and back in February, Ashba and singer James Michael revealed they had started a new project titled Pyromantic. Michael called the project very "song-driven" while Ashba added, ""When we sat down to do Pyromantic, the one big thing [we said to ourselves] was, 'Let's create something so new and fresh and create a sound for Pyromantic,' so when you Pyromantic, it has a very distinct sound. And it's pretty much… What we went after is a great blend of dance, rock and pop, and you kind of throw that in a blender, and I would say that's pretty much what Pyromantic sounds like." At the time, they proposed that a new video was going to be shot soon and the plan was to release music this year.

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