According to KWQC, "A police chase from Bellevue, Iowa to Dubuque, Iowa ended in the arrest of a 29 year-old man.

The name of the suspect is Daniel Arsenio Rodgers. He's being held in the Dubuque County jail facing charges of OWI, drugs, and eluding. It sounds like this guy is in a lot of trouble. I'm guessing he won't be at the office on Monday morning.

Here's what happened: Cops got called to the Baymont Hotel in Bellevue Sunday afternoon for a report of a fight. I've stayed's a nice joint. (But I digress) The suspect drove into the parking lot and immediately left after seeing the officers. That's when the chase started with speeds reaching around 110 miles per hour. Damn, that's fast, man!

Rodgers eventually pulled over and the officers approached the car. When they got to the window, he took off again. This guy has HUGE balls! I mean, when you get pulled over, it's done. You don't take off again. #idiot

The chase finally ended just outside of Dubuque. Police got smart and set up "spike strips" that stopped the vehicle driven by the suspect. That was it for Mr. Rodgers.

I'm guessing this was one neighborhood he didn't want to end up in.....mic drop.

[Source: KWQC]


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