I made a trip to Maquoketa over the weekend. I met some new friends, enjoyed a Hairball concert, ate the best corn dog of my life and drank a few ice cold beers! It was a perfect night and I want to thank the Jackson County Fair for an awesome experience!

The Hairball show was the highlight of the night for me. I snapped a few pictures so I could share them with you. I've seen the band over a dozen times and they never disappoint.

Photo: Stoney
Photo: Friday
Photo: Randy Stone
Photo: Jz

I met a new friend Friday night in Maquoketa. His name is Mark and he's the President of the Jackson County Fair. He really rolled out the red carpet for my crew and I. He told me. "next year, we hope to bring in a big classic rock band." I told him we'd definitely help him out with promoting that.

I really enjoyed my time at the Jackson County Fair. I'll be back next year, for sure!