A longtime Linn County holiday treasure raised a treasure-chest of money during the holiday season. Money that will be split among two Linn County food banks, as well as the victims of a fire that happened during the holiday season.

Sandy and Steve Tomash of Fairfax have had a holiday light display outside their home for 15 years, according to KCRG. The couple had never taken donations for their display, until this year.

On a Facebook post, Sandy says KCRG reporter Kristin Rogers suggested accepting donations to help others because so many were struggling this holiday season. The couple jumped on board with the idea and ended up collecting a total of $5,686.

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KCRG says $3,200 of the money that was donated is being given to the Linn Community Food Bank, a food bank run totally by volunteers. The Fairfax Food Bank will receive $500. The Fairfax Fire Victims Fund that benefits those impacted by a fire in Fairfax on Friday, December 18 that killed 43-year-old Ronald Weston, will get the remainder of the money, or $1,986.

Julie and I drove by the Tomash family display on Christmas Eve. Cars were lined up the street to see the incredible holiday light display that wraps around the home's corner lot. The display was also synchronized to music you can hear on the radio in your vehicle. If you didn't see it last year, I highly recommend making a stop during the 2021 holiday season. It's located at the corner of Hillview Drive and Commercial Court in Fairfax.

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