We've been pretty lucky so far this December with some decent weather. Normally at this time of the year, we can expect much cooler temperatures and more snow on the ground. Maybe Iowa has been spoiled with a relatively warm start to this holiday month. According to this Christmas decorating study, not a lot of Iowans have gotten into the Christmas decorating spirit just yet.

Christmas decorations and Christmas lights remind me of fireworks. A good fireworks show is pretty cool, no matter how old you are. A good Christmas light display is awesome whether you're 5 years old or 50. Lights especially have always helped me get into the holiday spirit. I wonder what the deal is in Iowa for 2023?

Where does Iowa rank among states that decorate the most for Christmas? Pretty close to the bottom of the list.

Unsplash - Steven Van Elk
Unsplash - Steven Van Elk

States That Decorate The Most

According to Lombardo Homes, 83% of Americans are doing some kind of decorating for Christmas and 79% of people will, at the very least, put up a Christmas tree at their house. The Top 5 states that decorate the most are:

  • 5 - North Dakota
  • 4 - Rhode Island
  • 3 - Deleware
  • 2 - Wyoming
  • 1 - Vermont

Not only did the study find the states that decorate the most, they also found which decoration is each state's favorite. North Dakota's favorite decoration is a Nativity scene, Rhode Island and Deleware enjoy window candles, Wyoming prefers a Santa Claus, and Vermont loves a good old-fashioned Christmas tree.

Iowa's Ranking and Favorite Decoration

According to the study, Iowa's favorite Christmas decoration is an Angel. Before reading the study, I would've probably guessed Christmas lights. In October of 2023, Lombardo Homes analyzed close to 7,000 Google search terms relating to Christmas decorations. They also surveyed 1,000 Americans to get feedback when it comes to Christmas decor, so I do believe they received a good sample size in their study.

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That's what makes this part the most heartbreaking for Iowa. Iowa ranks as the 40th state in America that decorates the most for Christmas...

Lombardo Homes
Lombardo Homes

It's a bit of a bummer when you see the data laid out in front of you like that. Hopefully, Iowa can change things around in 2024 and wherever you live can enjoy a massive upswing with Christmas lights and Christmas decorations. Not only that but there is still time! Christmas is still weeks away and this weekend should be a good weekend to get the ladder out and put the lights up.

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