This Wisconsin woman wanted to invest in Bitcoin but didn't have any money so she stole cash from the church that employed her as an accountant.

Embezzling Money From Work In Wisconsin

Honestly, I don't understand. How can someone steal money? I guess I'm just wired differently. Especially, from your employer. They're eventually going to figure it out and all the evidence is going to point at you. Hello, jail time. There's bad karma stealing. That's stealing from a charity like a church. Then, you have God judging you too. I wouldn't recommend it.

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Wisconsin Church Donations Stolen

According to,

Wisconsin Accountant Steals Donations From Church

The incident happened at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Milwaukee. Mary Moton had worked for the church as a Financial Secretary for eleven years. The suspect was in charge of the church's checkbook so she would write some to herself. It started in the spring of 2022. Over the timeline of April through July of that year, she wrote twelve checks of various amounts between $700 and $7,000 to herself.

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In total this accountant stole $30,000 from the church. The pastor got suspicious after checks from the account started bouncing. The investigation took a couple of months but they eventually made an arrest. The suspect took the money to purchase Bitcoin. By the way, that didn't work out because she lost all of the money.

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When Moton was arrested, the suspect admitted to the crime immediately. Unfortunately, the woman didn't have the money to give back. She was charged with several crimes. Her punishment was four days in jail (credited for time served), a $1,000 fine, and to pay $11,735 in restitution (she doesn't have any money). That's kind of a joke. I believe it should've been much worse.

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