A semi and a car stopped at a stop sign Monday afternoon when the drivers got into an altercation, leaving an Iowa man with two stab wounds.

It all happened Monday afternoon around 4 at the intersection of Highway 63 and East Dunkerton Road in Black Hawk County. 37-year-old Peter Klassen of Ionia, in northeast Iowa, was driving a semi that stopped at the intersection. The driver of the other vehicle, a silver 2012 Kia 4-door with Minnesota license plate 153LSX, also stopped and the drivers both exited their vehicles and got into a dispute. In the end, Klassen had two stab wounds on the left side of his back. According to KWWL, he was taken to the hospital but his injuries are not life-threatening.

After the incident, the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office says the Kia went north on Highway 63. Authorities from Black Hawk County have called on Minnesota law enforcement for assistance determining the owner of the Kia.

This is why you should NEVER get out of your car when tempers are high. It won't ever end with you and the other driver hugging and exchanging phone numbers and email addresses. Nope, it will never end well and in some cases, it can end in a very scary way... like this. Thank goodness the outcome wasn't even worse.

[via KWWL]

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