Can you tell Riley is excited?

He and other Hiawatha dogs are in a complete blur, wagging their tails in eager anticipation of a new dog park coming to the city.

Our social distancing might be leaving us bored, but we're never lonely if we have a happy, healthy and loving pet to spend time with. Playtime for them will be even more fun when a new space for their enjoyment is complete.

Thanks to local businessman and car dealer Dave Wright, it will be a great place for our four-legged friends to socialize, exercise and just hang out and play. It's even going to have a walking trail. We've obtained a couple of photos of the work so far from Hiawatha Parks & Recreation. When asked the exact location on their Facebook page, Parks & Rec stated it'll be around 2 acres and located south of Boyson Rd. at 711 Kainz Dr. along the Cedar Valley Nature Trail.

Hiawatha Parks & Recreation
Hiawatha Parks & Recreation

There isn't a firm completion date on the park yet, but so far "mid-summer" is the target, according to their Facebook page. Thanks again to Dave Wright and the city of Hiawatha for throwing our pals a bone!

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