Last August, I told you another dog park was coming to the Cedar Rapids metro and the process is definitely moving along in Hiawatha! Julie and I were out running errands Sunday morning when we started talking about it again and decided to see if we could find the exact location. Obviously, we did. Above is a photo taken just a couple steps off to the east side of the Cedar Valley Nature Trail in Hiawatha.

I would estimate the dog park is under construction no more than 50 yards to the south of the nature trail parking lot off Boyson Road, just east of Center Point Road, in Hiawatha. A number of trees have been removed, but plenty will still remain giving the urban dog park a somewhat rural feeling.

This sign is posted right next to the trail where I took the previous photo. It shows two points of entry, one area for small dogs and another for large ones, a bridge to cross the drainage way (blue line), a trail to access the park, along with a 6-foot limestone trail around the inside of the park, itself.

Bob James

The photo below shows what one of the entry gates will look like. According to the City of Hiawatha's website, it's expected to be completed by the end of 2019. Julie and I are ready, and so is Casey, our Sheltie. We love the K9 Acres dog park next to Squaw Creek Park in Marion, but that's a haul for us. This one will cut the time it takes us to get to a dog park in half and that's a very good thing.

City of Hiawatha