Hi, Producer Mike here...Jaymz Larson will be off the air for a couple days next week.

No, he's not going on tour with Bret Michaels and he didn't enlist with the Bernie Sanders campaign.

It's just his usual working vacation time away...which means I'll be making up all the rules for the next couple of days starting Monday!   

First, we're going to play a fun new game on the KRNA Morning Show on Monday at 7:30 called "Just How Classic Are You?" It's a classic rock trivia game with three levels of difficulty. If you think you can hang with the best in classic rock trivia, this game is for you

The best part is you can win HAIRBALL concert tickets for their Saturday November 23rd concert at the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena.

So as a primer, play the three Classic Rock Quiz games below and get ready...some of these questions (and their correct answers) may come in handy!

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