The inaugural Perfect Game Cares Celebrity Softball Game happens this Saturday at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Cedar Rapids. If you are a fan of baseball and have followed the sport for years, like me, then some of the names you'll see on the field will look very familiar. That's because many have played in the majors. I had baseball cards of many of these players. The fact that I get to take the field with the likes of Bo Jackson and Hall of Fame pitcher Trevor Hoffman is a baseball fan's dream.

Brain will be playing on the Gray team, while Bob James is on the Blue squad! Tickets are just $10 for adults and $5 for kids and can be ordered HERE!  There's also a silent auction during the first part of the game on the concourse at Veterans Memorial Stadium. More on that HERE.

Below is a look at some of the big names on the Gray and Blue team rosters for Saturday's game!


Bo Jackson 

Perfect Game Cares

Tom "Flash" Gordon 

Perfect Game Cares

Andruw Jones 

Perfect Game Cares

Brooks Kieschnick 

Dmitri Young 

Perfect Game Cares

Tim Dwight

Alanna Arrington 

Baylee Drezek 

Allen Reisner

Other Gray team members include John Cangelosi, Mike Bruner, Corbie Birkicht, Jason Kohl, Mike Bonwell, Rick Heller, Tom Gorzelanny, Sarah Specht, Mike Kerr, Mike Knox, Gavin McGrath, John Campbell, Jaymz Larson, and Ben Rogers.


Trevor Hoffman

Perfect Game Cares

Greg Vaughn 

Perfect Game Cares

Luis Gonzalez

Perfect Game Cares

Todd Coffey

Ben Ford

Brian Dinkelman

Chelsea Dubczak

Bruce Kimm

Other players featured on the Blue team include Dedric Ward, Kaylin Kinney, Josh Christensen, Corey Bowman, Adrian Arrington, Junior Spivey, Wes Obermueller, Tim Evans, Mike Sauser, Steve Erceg, Matt Usher, Joh Melendez, Blake Brockhohn, and Chad Johnston.