We all know there are laws on the books that protect us in our daily lives.

But are you aware of these ten crazy laws that could technically land you in jail in various places across the state of Iowa? These are actual laws on the books, that for whatever reason, were once written and enacted to help protect our citizens from "bad elements".  Some are silly, some are just outdated. But they all fit the description: INSANE!

In Iowa, kisses may last no longer than 5 minutes. Sorry, Romeo but you'll need to settle down if you wanna stay in town.

In Iowa, a one-armed piano player must perform for free. And don't request them to play "chopsticks"

In Iowa, a man with a mustache cannot legally kiss a woman in public. Shave that lip if you wanna pucker up, dude.

In Cedar Rapids it is illegal to read palms in the city limit. Looks like you'll need to travel to Marion if you want to tell your customers about the future. But you already knew that, right...?

In Marshalltown, IA it is illegal for horses to eat fire hydrants. What's that old saying about "you can lead a horse to water..." Would that make me an accessory to a crime?

In Mount Vernon the law says one must obtain written permission from the City Council before throwing bricks into a highway. Now that begs the question, do you wonder how many times the City Council has actually said "OK" to that request?

In Dubuque, any hotel in the city limit must have a water bucket and a hitching post in front of the building. In case your horse wants to take the Ice Bucket Challenge?

In the city limits of Ottumwa, a man may not wink at any woman he doesn't know. Hmm, I wonder if it's a crime if you "poke" someone you don't know.

In Bettendorf, a liquor store may not place advertisements for beer outside the store.

In Indianola, IA (about 18 miles south of Des Moines) the "Ice Cream Man" and his truck are banned. All flavors and push ups too! Outraged? How do you think David Lee Roth feels about that?

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