Just outside the quaint Minnesota town of Kasota, a scant four hour drive from here, is a place that you can pay to drive a tank through a house.

No really... that's their thing. They have tanks and you can drive them. Over cars...through a mobile home...wherever...it's a tank. You can also shoot machine guns. But have I mentioned you can DRIVE A FREAKIN' TANK?!?!

The place is called, oddly enough, Drive A Tank, and it offers a few packages from a simple drive around the yard in a single vehicle to a four tank day that includes crushing a car and firing off belt fed machine guns. How's that for a Saturday afternoon? They even have a Sherman tank package! Ever wanted to completely destroy a mobile home inside and out? You can do that, as well.

Check out their website for more info!


Here's a video about the place:

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