Hillary Hunziker of Independence has been charged with murdering her ex-husband, with the couple's son present. The boy called 911 at 4:34 this morning and, according to a criminal complaint obtained by KWWL, told the dispatcher "My mom just stabbed my dad." The victim, Jason Hunziker, also called 911 and told them, "My wife just stabbed me and took my child." Hillary and Jason were no longer married.

When Buchanan County Sheriff's Deputies arrived at the home at 1933 Henley Ave. in Independence, Hunziker had already died. He had large cuts to his left arm and left calf.

Hillary Hunziker, the child, and vehicle were located in Robins this morning. The criminal complaint says they were both covered in blood and that Hunziker admitted to the killing. She had a knife with her and told authorities there were additional knives, and razor blades in the vehicle.

Hunziker had a cut on one hand and was taken for treatment by ambulance. During transport, she told medical personnel the attack was planned. She reportedly told them she'd purchased a knife from WalMart, had worn black boots she knew were quiet and had gone into the unlocked home after parking down the street.

Sunday evening, Hillary Hunziker had told her mother what to do with her son if something were to happen to her or Jason. She called her mom just before 6 this morning and told her that she would now need to utilize the instructions she'd given her the night before. Hillary's mother asked her what she'd done and Hunziker responded with one word, "Artery."

Hillary Hunziker had been sentenced to two years probation on October 26, according to Iowa Courts Online. The probation followed a guilty plea to 3rd Degree Criminal Mischief, stemming from a January 12 incident in Tama County. She was also charged with Operating While Intoxicated in Benton County on the same day, January 12.

Hunziker has been charged with First Degree Murder. If convicted, she faces life in person, without the possibility of parole. She's being held in the Buchanan County Jail.

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