When you start a relationship, you never think about the things that could make something so loving turn into something so toxic and unhappy. Not all couples are as happy as they seem.

As a matter of fact, data can show couples in each state that are in the happiest relationships and those that aren't. Couples in Wisconsin and Iowa are the most unhappy couples you'll find in the U.S.

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Finding The States With The Happiest & Least Happiest Couples

Determining happiness is tricky business. Psychologists seem to be experts in emotions so when a study from Counseling Psychology pops up to give us the answers, we take them for their word.

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They examined the romantic lives of Americans, surveying nearly 2,000 individuals in relationships and scoring their responses to create a ranked list of the states with the happiest couples.

Counseling Psychology found that the average American still rates their happiness at 8 out of 10. Gen Z has the happiest couples with Boomers right behind them, followed by Millennials and Gen X.

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States With The Happiest Couples

Before we get to the sad news, let me tell you the top 5 states with the happiest couples.

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If you're a couple in these five states, you consider yourself to be in a really happy relationship and you should be proud:

  1. Utah
  2. Georgia
  3. Washington
  4. South Carolina
  5. Massachusetts

Now on to the depressing side of the states with the unhappiest couples.

Wisconsin Tops The States With The Most Unhappy Couples

Couples in Wisconsin are not happy. The study found that couples in Wisconsin scored 59.13/100 when it came to how happy they were in their relationship.

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Wisconsin are the least spontaneous couples and they laugh the least. Only 3% of Wisconsin couples laugh together at least once a week. How sad.

Iowa couples aren't much happier. Actually, Iowa has the second-least happiest couples in the U.S. with a score of 60.82/100.

Iowa couples have long-lasting disagreements that average 19 hours per week. That's second only to Alabama's 25-hour lengthy disputes.

Illinois landed in the top 15 states with the least-happiest couples.



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