No one is perfect, at some point, we all break the rules for one reason or another but does this Wisconsin teen have a good excuse for breaking the law?

Teens Try To Avoid Breaking The Law In Wisconsin

I know some people are naturally bad. They'll break the law without a care in the world. Most residents would prefer to not get in trouble with the cops. For Wisconsin teens, it's a balance between being a rebel and not getting arrested.

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I remember growing up and wanting to avoid getting into trouble at all costs. I was afraid of what my parents would do if I did. Especially, if it involved breaking the law. It seemed like sometimes I was bending the rules to avoid getting into trouble for something completely different. It didn't always work out.


Wisconsin Teen Arrested For Breaking The Law

One rule you have to be careful about as a teen in Wisconsin is curfew. You do not want to be busted for staying out too late. That just doesn't seem worth it. Just keep an eye on the clock while having the other one on fun. I know, it sounds easier than it is. Just don't break any other laws while trying to beat curfew.

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A teenage driver from Marytown found himself in a similar situation. He was out past curfew and trying to get before getting caught. I'm guessing his parents were pretty strict and they had one set for him too. My mom and dad did and it was earlier than the law states.


So the kid thought it would be a good idea to speed to make it home on time. I'm not talking a couple of miles per hour faster. He was going 104 MPH in a 40. If you do the math, that's 64 over the limit. I would call that a pretty significant violation. Getting pulled over made him extremely late getting home and in even more trouble.

By the way, the punishment for a speeding ticket like that is much worse than breaking a curfew. It's more dangerous too. You're more likely to get busted for speeding than curfew. I'm sure he won't be going out late with the car for a long time.

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