For this Wisconsin serial bank robber, I think the saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" is the perfect description after he got arrested for the third time after robbing his fifth bank.

Wisconsin Serial Bank Robber Arrested Again

This Wisconsin guy must be a serious genius after trying to pull off his latest crime. If you look up "dumb criminal" in the dictionary, there should be a picture of him. My other thought is he must really enjoy being in jail and that's very strange. He's held up five Madison banks but has only been arrested three times.

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Wisconsin Bank Robbery Arrest #1

The suspect's first unsuccessful attempt to rob a bank happened way back in 1996 in Madison. After he was arrested, his sentence was seventy months. When he was released the man was living in a halfway house.

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Wisconsin Bank Robbery Attempts Two Through Four

While he was still living in the halfway house, he attempted his second bank robbery in Wisconsin. That was in 2001. He got away with it so the suspect got greedy and tried it two more times in just a couple of months. In this spree of three, he was finally arrested after the last attempt. That time he received a fifteen-year jail term.


Wisconsin Bank Robber Arrested[/caption]

Extra Arrest For Wisconsin Criminal 

The suspect got out of jail in 2018. Soon after his release, he was arrested again but this time for a different crime, recklessly causing harm to a child in Rock County. That sent him back to jail. He finally was a free man again in 2022.

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Third Arrest For Fifth Bank Robbery

Once again, it didn't take this criminal long to go back to his old ways after getting released from prison. This time he was sentenced to eight years. By the way, the guy is sixty-six years old so he should know better. Especially, after being arrested two previous times for the same crime.

According to,

U.S. District Judge James Peterson handed down the sentence to Richard L. Chapman, who pleaded guilty on July 26 to robbing the Park Bank, 33 E. Main St., by handing a teller a note stating that he had a gun and “I am a robber.”

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