The residents of Wisconsin are getting concerned with more and more bear sightings happening throughout the state each year.

Bears Sightings Starting In Wisconsin

Have you noticed over the past couple of years, there's been more bear sightings in Wisconsin? I'm not talking about the many wooded areas in the northern part of the state. It's happening in the more popular areas in the south.

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The bear population in Wisconsin is up to over 24,000 with most of them living in the north. The animals are getting more curious so more of them are wandering south. With the help of social media, the sightings are being publicized through people's posts all the time.

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The first sighting was just outside of Milwaukee in a little town called Chenequa. A witness called the police about a bear sitting in his driveway. The bear was spotted wandering around that area. Unfortunately, the authorities weren't able to track it down.

WI Bear Sighting

A couple of days later, a bear was spotted in Lake Mills. Some experts think it's the same animal as before. It was last seen heading towards a forest and hasn't been spotted since.

Experts believe there will be more sightings as the weather gets better. Running into a Bear is not the kind of interaction you want to have. If for some reason we see a bear, the best thing is to make a lot of noise but it scares them and they'll take off.

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