Here's something you don't see every day: a buffalo on the loose cruising through the countryside of Wisconsin.

Buffalo On The Loose In Wisconsin

I know one thing for sure about traveling through Wisconsin. You never know what you'll experience. For the most part, nothing surprises me north of the "Cheddar Curtain." However, I believe if I had this encounter, it would freak me out a little bit.

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I love animals but running into them face-to-face in their natural habitat isn't something you would find on my bucket list. Domesticated species can do some crazy things when they're tamed. Sorry, but I won't take a chance with any beasts in the wild.

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Somewhere in the middle of Wisconsin in a small town named Ogdensburg in Waupaca County, the local authorities are reporting that a buffalo has been spotted on the loose.  The animal was last seen wandering down County Highway E North.

I'm guessing that the buffalo escaped a nearby farm and is taking advantage of some free time on the road. Imagine driving along and then all of a sudden passing a huge animal walking down the side of the road. That would be crazy.

The local police are warning residents to stay away from the buffalo because they are unpredictable. If something sets it off, the animal could immediately charge at a human with no warning. A person can't get away and they could be seriously injured when the beast gores them.


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