Let's just be honest, working out sucks. Who wants to run on a treadmill like a hamster for 45 minutes a day staring at the wall. We all do it because we want to live longer and be healthy. If you ask me, working out can be VERY boring.....but that's about to change.

It's a new fad called Nude Fitness. This really sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. According to The New York Post, "Celebrity trainer Harry Hanson is offering three naked workout classes per week at his Soho studio Hanson Fitness. The classes start this Friday - one class for men, one for women and one co-ed."

From the research I've done, this type of program isn't being offered in the state of Iowa. I recently joined Planet Fitness in Cedar Rapids and I gave them a call before writing this story. When I asked if they offered such a program, they quickly hung up the phone. I guess that's a no.

I recently visited the Hanson Fitness Facebook page. In a post, it explained "Exercising in the nude provides a number of benefits, including skin breathing, the release of endorphins and complete body awareness." I'll have to just trust them on this one.

Look, I look bad enough working out fully clothed. This type of class wouldn't be for me. It sounds like a really bad dream. What do you think?

Would you try nude fitness? Is Iowa ready for this type of thing? Comment below and we can discuss.

But you should always remember: "There's a good naked......and a bad naked."


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