This weekend's big football rivalry between the Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa State Cyclones has everyone choosing sides.

And now that some forms of sports betting are legal in Iowa, the wagering is almost getting out of control.

This morning, our DJ Jaymz Larson vowed on the air to strip naked and stroll downtown for one city block at 8:05 a.m. on Monday morning if the Hawks lose.

Now you're thinking what I'm thinking - he could end up in jail, or a least ticketed, for various reasons - if he needs to make good on this outrageous bet.

Jaymz isn't the type of guy who usually talks trash, but he is so confident that the Hawks will win, he says he would gladly bear it all on a chilly September morning if he is wrong.

"There's no way the Hawks will lose to the "clowns" I'm sure my canoli will remain under wraps on Monday morning...sorry ladies!"

Let's hope he doesn't chicken out on his bet, if he does indeed lose it. But lets also hope any possible naked display is a brief one...because it could cause MAJOR SHRINKAGE...with a projected temperature of 64 degrees on Monday morning.

And nobody wants to see that!

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