I am what you would call hyper-observational. What that means is, I will find a small detail about something and obsess over it, generating a multitude of scenarios where that thing could fit in.

It happened to me on my way into work this afternoon. I was exiting I-380N for a right turn onto Diagonal Dr when I noticed the truck in front of me. It was a construction or hauling truck, I don't know...I work inside. Anyway, on the back of the truck is some sort of mechanism and on one of the arms (bars?) is a logo for the THUNDER 6000. You can see it in the picture below.

Tom E. Gunn
Tom E. Gunn

I'm not sure what the THUNDER 6000 is on this particular truck, but I can tell you that I would buy nearly anything within my budget called the THUNDER 6000. You could slap a THUNDER 6000 sticker on a toaster, and I would want...no...NEED that toaster. Think about it. If you had a bunch of THUNDER 6000 logos, you could make anything in your house brag worthy.

"What that? Yeah...that's the THUNDER 6000. It's leaps and bounds above the 5000, and from what I hear we are years or even decades away from the 7000. The closest we can hope for next is the 6500, but we all know that the 6500 is just the same as the 6000 with a different chassis..."

Then the truck turned and I went on to something else.

But can someone please tell me what this truck and THUNDER 6000 actually is so I can get some sleep. Thanks....

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