Grocery shopping can be expensive. Just ask this family of five how much we spend a month on food. But the sad thing is that families like mine also waste a ton of food every year simply because it goes bad before we can eat it. So some experts are now saying that if you actually want to save money on groceries, you should shop MORE often.

The average family of four wastes $124 worth of food a month. That's nearly $1500 a year just in food you throw out and don't eat! Why do we waste so much? Because we tend to overbuy when we go grocery shopping. Then things like meat and produce go bad before you even have a chance to eat them. So how often should you shop?

Some experts say daily, but for most people that simply isn't feasible. Once or twice a week is better than going once a month according to the experts. Once you get into better habits of buying food, you will also find out that you are eating out less often too. That not only will save you money, but also tends to be healthier.


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