Make no mistake, I don't mean delivery to your door, which they are already doing. Wal-Mart is making the concept of a "personal shopper" even MORE personal. They are expanding a service where they come into your HOUSE and deliver groceries right into your refrigerator. Someone bringing your groceries to you AND putting them away for you? Is it an awesome convenience or a nightmare? Well, read on.

The InHome service has security features

According to CNN, it's called InHome, and it would cost you $148 a year. It's currently available to six million households, which they hope to increase to 30 million by the end of 2022. They didn't disclose how many people are actually currently using the service.

It literally is someone just walking into your house and loading your refrigerator with the groceries you ordered, but rest easy because "there is an app for that". You would be able to monitor the process from your phone or computer, and delivery employees would "wear" a camera on them at all times (theoretically). I still think I'd pass.

It's actually been a thing for three years already starting in places like Kansas City, Pittsburgh, and Vero Beach, Florida in 2019. They have plans to expand to Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, and elsewhere, possibly including Iowa in the near future.

You wouldn't have to pay for the camera, but it would set you back an extra $50 for a special smart lock, or garage door keypad if you just wanted them to leave the stuff in the garage. But, again, why?

On the bright side, if there is one

It will likely create about 3,000 extra jobs if things go according to plan, according to CNBC. The service could also be used to have these employees pick up your returns.

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