Last year's infrastructure bill passed by Congress is about to pay off for airports here in the state of Iowa, with millions of federal dollars going to make your flying experience a little more pleasant!

According to KCRG five airports in Iowa will receive federal funding that will help modernize and upgrade the facilities. Among the airports getting federal dollars are The Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids, The Dubuque Regional Airport, and the Washington Municipal Airport. 85 airports nationwide will share in $1 billion set aside in the infrastructure bill.

Here in Cedar Rapids, The Eastern Iowa Airport is set to receive over $20 million to expand the passenger terminal and add four new gates, according to KCRG. The Dubuque Regional Airport is getting over $1 million to install a solar power system and other electrical upgrades for its commercial passenger terminal. The Des Moines International Airport is getting $5 million for grading the gate apron as part of a new terminal project.

The President and transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg have touted the infrastructure bill as a way to modernize airports and create good-paying jobs in the process.

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