Beneficiaries of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) assistance will be able to start using them for grocery pick-up at all Hy-Vee stores, the company announced recently.

Users can shop at Hy-Vee's website or through the Aisles Online program. When you use these services to order, you're asked to select your preferred Hy-Vee location and set a curbside pick-up time. When you're asked for a payment method, simply choose SNAP or EBT. You must also bring your SNAP/EBT card when you arrive to pick up your groceries. It only applies to pick-up and not delivery. You also must have an additional credit or debit card in the event some of your items are not SNAP/EBT eligible. Cash or check will not be accepted.

The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier says more than 250 stores are set to implement the use of SNAP/EBT for pickup service.

You'll get notified once your pick-up order has been gathered and is available, then stop at the store and simply call the designated phone number on a posted sign. An employee will then deliver your groceries to your vehicle and have you present your payment method.

These are great services to allow more of those in need the convenience of what they need with the ease of not fighting crowds and we applaud Hy-Vee for doing it.

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