Live music is back and most of us couldn't be more excited to get out and see amazing live music. The emphasis there is hopefully on amazing. Unfortunately for fans at the Boone River Valley Festival in Boone, that wasn't the case...

According to our partners at Loudwire, Vince and his band headlined the Boone River Valley Festival over Memorial Day Weekend. During his set of mostly Motley Crue classics, the veteran rocker was... less than stellar. In his defense, he tried. The band sounded fantastic, and if you had some alcohol in ya, you probably had a ball. Oh, and it's live music again!

Vince Neil and company kicked the show off with Crue classic "Looks That Kill" then jumped into "Dr. Feelgood", check out the video of the performance:

Not bad, right? Things got rough when Vince rolled into a Beatles' "Helter Skelter" cover. Check that out:

And alas, 14 songs into his effort, Vince stopped very early into "Girls Girls Girls". He apologized and then left as his band awkwardly continued providing back-ups of the song's chorus.

He'll have plenty of chances to work on his voice and redeem himself. Motley Crue will join with Def Leopard and Poison on a tour that was COVID delayed in mid-2022. The nearest shows will be July 8th in Chicago, Illinois and August 14 2022 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Here's hoping Vince has a better showing during that tour. See all the dates here.

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