Here's this week's dose of yikes.

As we know, our Iowa queen Caitlin Clark has been drafted into the WNBA, she's signed a huge deal with Nike, she's basically crushing it.

As People reports, there was a super awkward exchange between Caitlin and an Indy Star reporter named Gregg Doyel. He did apologize for it but it's a cringe moment that any woman is familiar with.

Watch it:

What is she supposed to say to that? Props to Gregg for recognizing his mistake and apologizing but ick.

People all over social media have called out the moment as yet another one disrespecting elite women athletes. Many on social media were calling for Doyel's journalism credentials to be revoked.

There was kind of another weird moment from Doyel at the press conference. When talking to Indiana Fever coach Christie Sides, he asked (referring to Caitlin Clark), "You were just given the keys to that. What are you going to do with it?"

I get the base question but that's probably not worded the best, especially given his question to Caitlin.

Caitlin, meanwhile, is doing her rockstar thing being the basketball queen we all know and love. She hasn't commented on the weird exchange, probably because she's too busy getting ready for her first preseason game with the Indiana Fever, which will be on May 3rd.

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